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Dog Agility

Dog agility is one of the fastest-growing dog sports in the world. It's a fun & exciting sport in which a team of dog & handler run through numbered courses to perform obstacles within a certain time limit. Agility competitions are exciting, whether you're watching in the crowd or participating!

Dog agility was born at the 1978 Crufts Dog Show in England, where it was loosely based on equestrian jumping events...and since then, it's exploded in popularity all over the world.

  • emphasizes teamwork, with the handler directing their teammate through the obstacles using a strategy of body and verbal cues.
  • is a fun, healthy way to connect and play with your dog.
  • creates a strong bond between handler and dog.
  • can be enjoyed by people and dogs of all ages, as long as they are fit & healthy enough to meet the athletic challenges.
  • accommodates all types & sizes of dogs, from mixed breeds to pure breeds.
  • is a great way to get fresh air and exercise with your best friend.

How it Works

Agility Titles

Agility teams compete to collect Titles and to move up through the 3 levels of competition:

  • Starters level
  • Advanced level
  • Masters Level

Agility Course

  • Every agility course is unique and is designed by the Trial Judge.
  • Competitors don't see the courses until the day of the trial.
  • Handlers are usually given a course map to study, and have a short time to "walk through" the course and plan their strategy before their trial run.
  • Courses are usually based on 15-20 numbered obstacles.
  • Average allotted course times are between 30 and 60 seconds.

Agility Classes

Members can compete in both Standard Agility Classes and/or Games Classes. Older dogs who are over 7 years old can compete in the Veteran Class and the Special Class is open to all dogs.

Standard Agility Class

  • The Standard Course runs include all pieces of equipment.
  • Titles for the Standard Course include ADC, AADC and MADC.

Games Class

Titles for the Games Course include SGDC, AGDC, MGDC, MJDC, MSDC and MSCDC. The Games Class includes the following games:

  • Gamblers - The team collects points for the dog's ability to work at a distance from the handler.
  • Snooker - The dog is required to stay close to the handler and take only certain designated obstacles.
  • Jumpers - Consists of jumps, tunnels and weave poles - lots of speed and excitement!
  • Steeplechase - Combines speed and accuracy.


Agility is open to all breeds of dog, whether purebred or mixed. Our "All Canadian" dogs do equally as well as those with a pedigree. Dogs of medium build that come from breeds that have retained their original working abilities do best. However, dogs of all types can quickly learn to love and to excel at the sport.


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The Central Okanagan Dog Agility Club (C.O.D.A.C.)
is a non-profit society that is registered
with the Agility Association of Canada

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